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A heart for healing ...

Welcome to Corazon Counselling.  I'm Debbie Nolan.

If you have found your way here, it's possible you have been thinking about counselling for some time, wondering if it's for you - not knowing what to expect; can it really help?

I believe people come to counselling at just the right time - by recognizing a loss of peace, or dissatisfaction with your life, you have reached the point where you don't want to put up with the way things are any more, but perhaps you don't know how to bring about change on your own.

With even the most supportive friends and family, there can often be a sense that you don't want to say too much in case they get upset, or perhaps you don't want them to know how bad you really feel. The beauty of counselling is that your counsellor is not in that relationship-circle, so you can say what you need to say without feeling judged, fixed, pitied or rescued!

By offering you the opportunity to process things at your own pace, in a confidential*, non-judgmental and respectful environment, I hope we can work together to enable you to come to a better understanding of yourself, with an opportunity to explore where you fit in your world, and how to achieve a healthy mental attitude.

I am an integrative counsellor, which means your sessions can be taylor-made to meet your individual needs. Simply email or phone me, and then we can arrange to meet for a free 30-minute session to give you time to decide before making a commitment.

Don't struggle on alone - help is just a moment away.

*see more on confidentiality in the FAQ's

Counselling Services

I am an accredited qualified integrative psycho-dynamic counsellor, and I see adults, couples and young adults. You can simply email me, or we can have an initial chat on the phone, and arrange a half hour appointment where we can meet up and introduce ourselves. I am happy to do our sessions face to face, or via zoom if preferable, due to distance or access issues. After the initial interview, sessions are 60 minutes (90 minutes for couples) at weekly intervals. There are no rules as to how long counselling takes but we will have regular six-weekly reviews to see how you are feeling about the sessions and your progress in general. You can stop your sessions at any time.

Issues I can help with.

I have maintained Continuous Professional Development since qualifying, and have received additional training in Bereavement Loss and Grief Dealing with Anxiety and Depression Relationships Self Esteem Body Image Solution Focused Brief Therapy Post-abuse trauma Self-Harm Stress Shame Gender Identity Narcissism Pregnancy/Child-loss Domestic Violence Trauma Goal-setting


Adults - £40 for 60 minutes Young People (13+) £35 for 40 minutes Couples - £60 for 90 minutes CONCESSIONS: Pensioners £30 Student Counsellors (required counselling) £30 CANCELLATION FEES Missed appointments - full charge

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The Legal Bit

I am a Registered Accredited Counsellor and in accordance with ethical guideIines, I have regularly monthly supervision and attend a minimum of 25 hours per year of continuous professional development to keep me up to date with current issues.

I hold an enhanced DBS and have Public Liability Insurance.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and if we work together, I will send you a copy of my Privacy Policy that explains how I use your personal information.

How does counselling work?

The heart of counselling is that you are given a safe space to talk, and I will ensure you are fully heard, with respect, validation, value and confidentiality. The sessions will be led by whatever you want to bring and we can go as slow or as fast as you like.

I am an 'integrative psychodynamic' counsellor.
This means that I have a number of tools in my toolbox to use depending on what you bring to the sessions and what you want to achieve.

I am trained in TA (transactional analysis) and use other developmental models that will help us explore how your childhood experiences impact you into adulthood.

I am also familiar with the counselling model of Gerard Egan which provides a structured and more solution-focussed basis to help you plan how to move forwards.


The 'television' version of confidentiality is that " I can say anything and you can't tell anyone!"  That is almost true, but not quite accurate.

There are some exceptions to that confidentiality:

  • If I think that you are at risk of harming yourself, or someone else, I have a duty of care to safeguard, and that might mean contacting your GP or next of kin.                         
  • If you tell me that you are involved in illegal activities such as money laundering, terrorism, drug/people trafficking, treason or child endangerment (Children Act 1989), by law I have to inform the police.                                                                         
  • I keep brief notes from our sessions.  These are anonymised and kept under lock and key, but I have to release them if subpoenaed by law.
  • I have regular monthly supervision where I receive support and guidance in my counselling.  This is done anonymously, without revealing identities.
  • We can discuss all of this at your initial assessment
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